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Works in progress
Ma rando à vélo
Works in progress

Works in progress


This information is updated regularly.

Last update on 9 September 2016 at 17.00pm


•    Following the flooding at the end of May 2016

Even though the situation has improved greatly, route surface may be damaged, please be careful !


On the network of bike circuits Les Châteaux à Vélo

Updated on 13 June 2016
The circuits are all open. Only one "Window over the Loire" is not open between Muides-sur-Loire and Saint-Laurent-Nouan. Works are planned from 22 August to 15 October 2016 (see below).


•    Works underway

To allow you to cycle on La Loire à Vélo in the best conditions possible, we carry out development and renovation works very regularly. We ask you to consult these before cycling on the route.


Updated on 12 August 2016

Bicycle route La Loire à Vélo in the Loire Valley

The town centre of Montlouis-sur-Loire
From mid-May to March 2017
Works will take place in the town centre of Montlouis-sur-Loire from mid-May 2016 to March 2017. During this period, a double diversion will be put in place in the centre of Montlouis, one in the direction Tours-Amboise and another in the direction Amboise-Tours. Due to the closure of a crossroads, it must be noted that 3 times, for 2 days, there will only be one single two-way route. A specific sign will be put up by the town staff. We ask you to take the diversions marked on the map below.

Blue line : Amboise-Tours direction
Red line: Tours-Amboise direction (and Amboise-Tours during the 3 x 2 days when the Plantin crossroads are under construction)


Download the map


In Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire
18 July to 18 October 2016
To strengthen riverbanks in Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire, Loire à Vélo itinerary will be closed between a place called 'Le Port' (after campsite) and the locality of 'Les Prouteaux'. Campsite access is still open. We ask you to take the diversions marked on the map below.

Blue line: work site itinerary
Green line: Loire à Vélo deviation


Download the map


Ballan-Miré > Savonnières
16 August to 16 September 2016
Works will be realised on river Cher banks. Le Grand Moulin. During this period, please follow the diversion through the D7.


Muides-sur-Loire > Nouan-sur-Loire
22 August to 1 October 2016

Works are planned on the circuit "Window over the Loire" between Muides-sur-Loire and Nouan-sur-Loire. A diversion is set up (paths partially with grass).


Download the map


•    Other events

Bicycle route La Loire à Vélo in the Loire Valley

Tours and surroundings
18 September 2016
Due to Touraine Loire Valley Marathon, main route of La Loire à Vélo will be closed the moring (from 6.00am to 13.00pm). A diversion will be set up, follow the D121 and local roads between Tours and Villandry.

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