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Ma rando à vélo
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Saint Jacques à vélo via Tours

Saint Jacques à vélo via Tours

Also known as the great Way to Santiago de Compostela, the Tours way sets off from the Saint-Jacques Tower in Paris and runs all the way to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The via Turonensis, the Latin name for this road, has been hugely popular with pilgrims ever since the Middle Ages. Crowds of them used to descend upon Tours to bow before the tomb of Saint-Martin, a former bishop of Tours and evangelist of Gaul, who died in 397. Of the four routes along the Santiago de Compostela way in France, this is the most practicable with the fairly flat terrain and mild climate. This is an authentic trail giving you time to think and meditate before the richly varied landscapes and heritage that unfold as you go.


Carnet de route Saint Jacques à vélo


Agence départementale du tourisme de Touraine
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