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Take your pick from: 6 "véloroutes" and 14 networks looping through the Loire Valley, Touraine, Sologne, Perche and Berry ...

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Ma rando à vélo
Organise your cycling trip in just a few clicks...
Published on 24/02/2015

Organise your cycling trip in just a few clicks...

With marandoavelo.com, explore the wealth of the Centre-Val de Loire region by bike!


Friday 8 p.m. : Check out the weather forecast on my tablet – we're in for a sunny weekend! How about going for a family bike ride? On the programme: nature and culture!


Stage 1

Log in: on my favourite website randoavelo.fr, planning your cycling trip is a piece of cake!

I click on ‘Plan your trip', then ‘Access the map directly’. In the "Options" tab, I select ‘Tourist sites’.

What if we opted for Accueil Vélo accredited sites? Sorted in a click!


Stage 2 

Selecting your trail: There's so much ground to cover in the Centre-Val de Loire region that the hardest thing will be choosing from the hundred or so trails!

My solution: a family vote on the trails depending on where we want to go. Unless we pick a theme instead…

- The Loire Valley in Haut-Berry loop (17 km) with a break at the Belleville Maison de Loire to see a nature exhibition.

- Linger awhile in Briare, between the canal bridge over the Loire and Museum of the “2 Marines” (2 Riverscapes), then follow the Riverbanks attractions in Briare (30km) or La Loire à Vélo in the Loire Valley trail as far as Chatillon (there and back in under 10 km).

- Re-acquaint yourself with the Royal estate of Chambord nestling in a tranquil green setting (33km).

- Head out along the trail that joins up Saint-Jacques à Vélo and La Véloscénie and enjoy a sweeping view over Château de Maintenon from the aqueduct.

- Pedal along the Where the Loire and Cher meet loop (13 km) to "the beach at the end of the world" (Bec du Cher). And why not stop off at the Villandry gardens along the way?

And there you have it, in just a few minutes your cycling day out for the whole family is ready!

Saturday breakfast time: What if we make a weekend of it? Nothing could be easier, I select the type of accommodation from the "Options" list and I tick Accueil Vélo. All I've got to do now is book…

To see the summary of all my choices and view my entire weekend on one page with a map, I just: create my trip!

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