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Take your pick from: 6 "véloroutes" and 14 networks looping through the Loire Valley, Touraine, Sologne, Perche and Berry ...

Go green by cycling!

Did you know that bike rides considerably limit your environmental impact? Cycling means no CO2! And it's good for your health too...

Ma rando à vélo
Who are we?

Who are we?

The Loire valley is criss-crossed by almost 5,000 km of cycling trails through the Loire Valley, Touraine and Berry … with a hundred or so different trails accessible to everyone! Whatever your level and however you wish to ride, there's one for you. For cyclists who'd like to tackle longer-distance trails, a total of eight "véloroutes"* run through the region, including the famous"La Loire à Vélo" trail and the "Saint-Jacques à Vélo" route. For cycling fans, there are 10 loop networks**, making a total of 138 trail loops to date, weaving their way through Le Perche, Sologne, Touraine, Berry, Orléans and its surrounding areas...

(*) 8 "Véloroutes": La Loire à Vélo, Touraine- Berry à Vélo, Saint-Jacques à Vélo via Tours and via Chartres (2 trails), l’Indre à Vélo, La Véloscénie- Paris/Chartres/Le Mont Saint-Michel, la vallée du Loir à vélo and le canal du Loing à vélo.

(**) 10 loop networks: Les Châteaux à vélo, Orléans/Orléans Forest, In and around Gien, In and around Chartres, Loire River in Berry, La Brenne à vélo, Sologne à vélo, Le Perche à vélo, La Touraine and last but not least Around the Loir Valley.

The Centre - Loire Valley Regional Tourist Board oversees the development and tourist marketing of the regional territory around five major tourist brands and priority sectors including environmentally friendly travel (cycling, walking, horse riding, rivercraft). In this regard, the CRT implements the regional marketing tourist strategy from two main perspectives: Internet and press relations.

All in all, some 50 partner organisations have helped to make these trails a reality: the Loire valley, general councils, inter-municipal cooperation structures and département-level tourism partners.

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