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Take your pick from: 6 "véloroutes" and 10 networks looping through the Loire Valley, Touraine, Sologne, Perche and Berry ...

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Need to get back to nature for a bit?

Have you already camped in a bivouacon an island in the Loire – two hours from Paris? Or climbed aboard a toue cabanée? How about putting yourself in the shoes of a fritillary researcher?

Come and recharge the batteries in a protected environment, enjoy a leisure activity in the great outdoors and marvel at the varied abundance of fauna and flora from one region to the next.

Treat yourself to a traditional boat ride in the Loire to experience first-hand this living river that harbours such a rich ecosystem. Along its banks, grassy, wooded islands and sand banks, keep your eyes peeled for beavers, birds like the tern or the hoopoe, wild orchids like the bee orchid or some rarely spotted butterflies like the Large Blue. Watch out for over 350 species of bird that fly over the Loire valley every year. Venture into the woods to hear a stag belling, or catch a glimpse of the grey heron, nicknamed the "lord of the ponds".

An ecotourist's paradise, the Loire valley is surrounded by secret, unspoilt nature that is now protected by three regional nature parks: La Brenne, Le Perche and Loire-Anjou-Touraine.

The natural heritage here is quite exceptional, offering up a rare level of biodiversity.

From the thousand ponds at La Brenne to the patchwork fields of Le Perche, the relaxing banks of the Loire and the woodland trails in Sologne, the sheer wealth of natural heritage in the Loire valley is clear for all to see.

The Loire valley is awash with all sorts of delights for the senses.

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