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Take your pick from: 6 "véloroutes" and 14 networks looping through the Loire Valley, Touraine, Sologne, Perche and Berry ...

Accueil Vélo

Accueil Vélo is a national accreditation that guarantees high-quality services and facilities for cyclists along cycling trails.

Ma rando à vélo
Cycling and safety

Cycling and safety

For your own safety and to make the very best of your trip, remember to note down a few useful contacts and to follow some basic recommendations


Remember to take along some numbers for finding out the weather forecast, and for calling the emergency services:

  • Weather

Météo France : 32 50 (€1.35/call + €0.34/min)

Département-specific numbers::

• 0 892 68 02 18 (Cher)
• 0 892 68 02 28 (Eure-et-Loir)
• 0 892 68 02 36 (Indre)
• 0 892 68 02 37 (Indre-et-Loire)
• 0 892 68 02 41 (Loir-et-Cher)
• 0 892 68 02 45 (Loiret)

Weather in the Loire valley

  • Emergency numbers

Fire brigade: 112 from a mobile or 18 from a landline
Gendarmerie : 17 from a landline

Please note! No bathing is allowed in the Loire and other rivers as it is dangerous – except in specially laid out areas.

If you would like to swim in a lake or river, stick to these specially laid out, supervised areas where the water quality is good.

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  • Before you leave:

• Check up on the weather forecast
• Get a good idea of the distance and the time your chosen trail should take you
• If you are heading off alone:

o Always remember to carry an identity document and your contact details with you
o Tell your family or friends when and where you're going.

  • During your trip:

Follow the road traffic regulations, which are also applicable to cyclists. In the event of a serious offence, you will be liable to a fine and perhaps have your permit taken away.

• Be vigilant on roads, especially at junctions and across bridges
• On greenways, pedestrians have right of way, and remember to make your presence known
• Wear a correctly fitting helmet – even if this is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended
• At night, or during the day if visibility is poor, wear a reflective jacket and make sure you have effective lights on your bike
• Respect other users and remember to try and show a friendly attitude

Why not check out the useful advice on the road safety website.

  • Responsibility:

Remember that you ride a bike at your own risk and that you are responsible for accidents that might happen to yourself, or which might injure someone else, if you behave at odds with the road traffic regulations, the traffic conditions or the risks that can normally be foreseen in the natural environment. 

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