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Take your pick from: 6 "véloroutes" and 14 networks looping through the Loire Valley, Touraine, Sologne, Perche and Berry ...

Accueil Vélo

Accueil Vélo is a national accreditation that guarantees high-quality services and facilities for cyclists along cycling trails.

Ma rando à vélo
Respect your surroundings and other users

Respect your surroundings and other users

Make the most of your trip by respecting and protecting the environment, and enjoying your encounters with other users. The key word is: a friendly attitude above all!

Whether you're heading out for just a morning, or for several days' ride, a cycling trip is an excellent way to explore the landscapes and sights in the Loire valley, at your own pace, from a different perspective – in a relaxing manner a far cry from the busy-ness of everyday life

Embark on a cycling trip and enjoy a unique experience of newfound freedom. It's an easy way to meet people: each time you stop off in one of the little villages or on the side of the route, you're sure to strike up a new conversation.

And, naturally, this eco-friendly means of transport isn't just good for your health, but it also considerably limits your environmental impact, in that cycling does not emit any CO2!

What does it mean to be a responsible eco-cycling tourist?

Because being an eco-citizen is a responsibility in our everyday lives all year round, and because being on holiday is about sharing, relaxing and time to contemplate, we all have a duty to respect the environment and other users.

Being a responsible eco-cycling tourist means maintaining and applying these principles of respecting others and protecting nature when riding our bike at our holiday destination.

Being a responsible eco-cycling tourist means:

  • Protecting the wild fauna and flora and being an example in looking after the environment,
  • Staying on the signposted trails as far as possible so as not to damage the vegetation,
  • Throwing any rubbish away in the bins provided along the trails. If you can't see one nearby, put any packaging or items you no longer need in a pocket or in your pannier bag,
  • Following the road traffic regulations and watching your speed in all situations,
  • Giving right of way to pedestrians, walkers and horse riders and trying to remain on friendly terms with other users above all,
  • Making the most of the facilities along your trail by following the recommendations and regulations,
  • Making local, seasonal purchases (regional produce, handmade crafts) and using ecological products where possible,
  • Respecting private property and crops,
  • Not setting up camp outside of authorised camp sites, unless the landowner gives his/her consent.
  • Not picking an unfamiliar plant you come across as it might be a protected species,

And since this is everyone's business, if you have any good ideas please feel free to share them… contact us 

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